Helping Retailers Stamp out Underage Sales

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The No ID No Sale! campaign supports anyone with an interest in preventing under-age sales.

The ‘No ID, No Sale!’ Retail Pack might just save your livelihood. Download items or order the pack.

It's not personal, it's the law!

Use the materials in the Retail Pack to help you and your staff comply with the legislation on underage sales. Doing so will help prevent you from being prosecuted, fined or losing the right to sell alcohol, tobacco or lottery products.

Restricted Sale & Premises Orders

If your shop has been caught selling tobacco to under-18s twice within 2 years, a conviction on a 3rd illegal sale can result in a Restricted Sale or Premises Order. Find out what the consequences are in the retail pack.

Preventing Underage Sales

Children should not smoke, drink alcohol, play with fireworks or take part in the lottery. Retailers selling these products are on the front line.

Challenge young adults for ID

Younger customers must always be challenged for valid ID – either a CitizenCard or other PASS card, Photo driving licence or passport.

Train your Staff

All staff need to know how to check ID and where to record refusals. Both they and you can be fined if prosecuted for underage sales.

Today the phrase ‘No ID, No Sale!’ is widely understood and visible on shop doors, aisle shelves and above tobacco gantries in supermarkets, convenience stores, newsagents, betting shops and elsewhere.

The ‘No ID, No Sale!’ campaign has been operated by the largest UK PASS Card issuer CitizenCard since 2004 offering free downloads and
Retail Packs to independent retailers.